The wonder of words and pictures

By Helen Nelson Can you remember your favourite childhood book? Did it have just words or just pictures or a combination of both? Most of us will have very personal reasons why a book from our childhood sticks in our minds. Our recall of such a book may evoke warm feelings inside us. We remember the […]


Thank you for the music?

Most children have a favourite subject in school. For some, it may be music. There may not be a future pop star or classical performer bursting to get out, but to be able to watch children even just enjoy and express themselves through music is really quite lovely to see. Not quite High School Musical The team here […]


Homework in primary school – gain or pain?

Our homework memories The team here at My Mum’s Diary all remember coming home from secondary school with plenty of homework to complete. We don’t really recall receiving any in primary school, but perhaps we did and it was sold as more of a fun activity to do, whilst also reinforcing what we had learnt in the classroom. Gain or […]


Make time to read

Time to read Sitting down for some quiet time and reading a good book with your child can be a really special part of the day. It could be enjoyed as part of your bedtime routine and as a nice end to a busy day for you and your child, accompanied by lots of cuddles too of course. […]


Selecting a Nursery School

There are many points to consider when choosing a nursery for your child. Here is some useful information from the National Day Nursery Association (NDNA): When looking for a nursery it is important to find one that suits your family and we strongly recommend that you visit a shortlist of nurseries to take a look […]