Diary of an elective C-section – part two

By Sam Hornby The second of our three part instalment – read part one here. 39+4 days pregnant – the eve of the C-section I had to go to the Antenatal unit today to have pre-op bloods taken and to be given two tablets called Ranitidine which I have to take at 10pm tonight. This […]


Can pregnancy be glamorous?

By Sam Hornby As someone who has had two pregnancies, I’m yet to have found the elusive ‘Pregnancy Glow’ I’ve heard so much about! From the day I found out I was pregnant with my second child to approximately 14 weeks, I had morning sickness, a new phenomenon for me, as I had no morning […]


Diary of an elective C-section – part one

By Sam Hornby When I had my little boy, it is safe to say, I did not have the nicest of times. To cut a long and traumatic experience short, I was induced on the Monday, my waters broke at 1:11am on Tuesday and I was sent to the labour ward at 11am to continue […]


Boob to bottle feeding

By Sam Hornby There are a lot of views on breastfeeding your baby, but whatever you decide to do, be it to breastfeed or bottle feed, with breast milk or formula, this article is NOT meant in anyway to be judgemental, there is enough of that around. I found breastfeeding painful for the first couple […]


The Chokeables campaign by St John Ambulance to warn parents of the dangers of choking

New TV advert warns of the dangers of choking

Some of the nation’s favourite TV celebrities have teamed up with St John Ambulance to help warn parents about the dangers of choking. The new TV advert, ‘The Chokeables’, sees celebrities take on the characters of everyday objects that pose a risk to babies and toddlers, including a small princess toy, a pen lid, a […]


Healthy eating

Having a child is good for your health

The battle to encourage your child to eat chopped fruit instead of chocolate is one that is familiar to many of us as parents. But new research has revealed that setting a good example and encouraging our little ones to eat well is in fact helping parents to improve their own diet. The survey by […]


Home birth

Top tips for a home birth

By Nicki Davy Picture the scene: You’ve carried your baby for nine months, and you finally reach the end of your pregnancy. You’re equal parts excited and nervous. Your labour begins – but instead of going into hospital, you stay at home. Your own home; your own bed; your own belongings. Eventually, your own baby […]


TV’s Dr Ranj helps charity MAMA Academy

TV’s Dr Ranj helps pregnancy charity MAMA Academy launch innovative ‘Wellbeing Wallet’ initiative to enhance antenatal care. A national pregnancy charity is hoping to reduce baby loss and encourage healthier pregnancies with the launch of a simple antenatal initiative. MAMA Academy has developed their Wellbeing Wallet as a means of relaying key health messages for expectant […]


Baby with reflux

New guide for treating reflux in babies

Mums with babies suffering from reflux will find it harder to get treatment for their child after new guidance advises doctors to prescribe medicines to treat the condition more sparingly. The new draft guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has been issued in an attempt to reduce unnecessary referrals and […]


Breastfeeding in public

Breastfeeding in public? A cup of tea makes everything better!

Breastfeeding your baby in public is a challenge for many mums. Whether you feel self-conscious about getting your ‘lady lumps’ out or you can sense the uncomfortable glances of other people nearby, something so natural can sometimes feel completely inappropriate. A public toilet, department store changing room or even a park bench are just some […]