Space art pictures for toddlers

Space themed art ideas for toddlers

The fun of Bonfire Night and rocket fireworks has got us in an intergalactic mood here at My Mum’s Diary. If, like us, you love space themed art and would like to get creative with your toddler, we have some very simple ideas for you.

All of our space themed pictures were very easy to create and use arts and crafts materials which were all bought from Tesco.

What materials do I need?

All you need to create some space themed works of art like ours are:

·         Coloured felt for your backing card

·         Planet stencil

·         Stick on silver stars

·         Planet and rocket pictures

·         Glittery, coloured card

·         Coloured pipe cleaners

·         Child friendly glitter paint

·         Child friendly glue

·         Child friendly scissors

Creating your space age masterpieces

You and your toddler are free to explore your materials and create any space themed picture you like. We recommend sitting with your child at their level – using a child size table and chairs or working on the floor so you can get creative together. Whilst the materials are all child friendly, it’s important to keep an eye on them when using scissors and glue.

Try suggesting ideas they can create and assist them as they stick together their works of art. The result is bound to be a galactic gem both you and your child can be proud of!

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